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Author #1 Best Seller - "Real Estate Without Renters"



“Kevin is one of my favorite speakers on note investing — he is so easy to listen to, and has such a great way of presenting knowledge; his shocking and endlessly entertaining anecdotes and real life examples will ensure that you remember the material long after the class is taught. He’s down-to-earth, approachable, patient, passionate about the topic, and last but not least, he puts real care into making sure his event attendees and students understand all the research, deal structures, strategies, ideas, and concepts that he teaches.”

Chi Nguyen

“Kevin is a great speaker and educator and an excellent source of knowledge and information in Real Estate and investing in Paper. I have attended several speaking engagements featuring Kevin and have always walked away with a huge appreciation for his knowledge and his devotion to research. His thorough exploration of the current market and most notably it’s likely trends in the near future has provided many of us with the information needed to make wise decisions in our own business.”

Chris Helland
Entrepreneur and Note Investor, Scottsdale, AZ

“I first met Kevin six years ago when he was the lead instructor for The Note School. I attended the 3-day class on Non-Performing notes and the 3-day class on Performing Notes that he taught. Over the years I have attended numerous other training classes and to this date Kevin is the best teacher and educator in the business. What I learned from him gave me the foundation to launch two successful companies in the note business. Kevin is far more than a good teacher. He cares that his students learn and is one of the good guys in the Note business. I was very glad to hear that he left the Note School and is now on his own. I look forward to doing business with Kevin in the future.”

Tom Chase

“I had the pleasure of attending Kevin Shortle’s Note summit in San Diego April 26th to April 28TH. Although I claim to be a seasoned note investor for many years, after attending Kevin’s Summit, I realized what I did not know and picked up on more nuggets than my notebook could hold.

I have known Kevin for about 5 years and have attended several events Kevin has taught at over the years. Kevin has a knack to adapt to investors according to their experience and presents his topics to insure his audience fully understands. Kevin is by far the best teacher of his industry I have ever met. Kevin’s style not only educates you in all phases of the note industry, but he also energizes you with his style.

Kevin has put together a tremendous training program that both novices and seasoned investors will get all they need to be successful with his wealth of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be successful in the note business. With Kevin’s mentorship and experience, that is with him personally, anyone that wants to do business in the note industry should work with Kevin.”

John Philippi

“I thought I knew a good bit about notes, after doing 1st, 2nd, wraps, NPL, hard money, etc., in my past, but Kevin kept handing out new nuts & bolts, practical, tips and techniques that I will put to use immediately. I would highly recommend his training opportunities.”

Ed in Tampa Bay

“Thank you again for coming to Tampa! My mind was BLOWN away from all that I learned.”

Best regards,
Kevin Mathew Galang



Winter Park, Florida, USA


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