Deal Analysis Workshop Presented By Kevin Shortle

I’m Doing a Live Training with Live Webinar Broadcasting Sept 8th


Unless you are in Florida preparing for the hurricane like me, you are probably preparing for a long Labor Day weekend so I wanted to make sure that this email got to you first. After doing a number of note training classes in Orlando and Tampa, I have a great idea as to what note investors need and a great way to deliver it to them.

Two Classes in 1 day (attend 1 or both remotely or in person)

9am-12pm Due Diligence and Note Investing Crash Course $60

1pm-4pm Deal Analysis with a special focus on detailed exit strategies $50

Only $110 for both! Order here or below.

Course Description

Morning: In the Due Diligence and Note Investing Crash Course, I will take you through his complete note analysis procedure. My approach has been taught too and replicated by the top investors in the industry. This course is perfect for a beginner, an investor who is stuck in “analysis paralysis” and advanced investors looking to sharpen their skills.

Afternoon: After doing a number of these and thinking through them, I have a new approach my Deal Analysis Workshop which will allow us to get through more assets and get to some serious profit making exit strategies. In this all new approach, I will lead the class through a number of assets, while tasking individuals with certain assignments such as establishing value, looking at courthouse records etc. This way the entire class will work as a team to analyze deals. Once we identify a good one, we will map out several exit strategies. These exit strategies add thousands to your bottom line.

Attend in-person or remotely via webinar

If you are attending in person, the training will be at Paperstac’s office, 300 S. Orange Ave Suite 1000, Orlando FL 32801. If you are attending via webinar, I will email you a special link.

Order by clicking here.


I will also presenting information on how to invest in our new SEC Regulation A+ fund called the Money With Meaning Fund. Both accredited and non-accredited investor can participate with a minimum investment of $200. This is a total game changer that all note investors should invest in. By the way, I will live stream this 20 minute portion on Facebook and YouTube for free.

Come join me,

Kevin Shortle

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