Special 1 Day Live Real Estate Note Training Class in Tampa Florida


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1 Day special Real Estate Note training in Tampa Fl June 29th 9am-6pm

Kevin teaches where the market is going, not where it has been. At his training you will learn:

  • How to make profit on notes that you don’t even own using our Note Arbitragetechnique. This method can start putting profits in your pockets right away with very little time or money invested.
  • If you already own rental property, you will not want to miss out on our segment on equity-lock notes. The real estate market is due for some changes and this will allow you to protect your investment profits.
  • Our turn-key note technique has nothing to do with rental property, just the easiest, safest way to invest. We will be using actual available inventory to teach this!
  • Looking for long-term passive income and lower taxes? Of course you are! Our Lease-Purchase Notewill show you how to do just that.
  • No inventory?We will show you what the others are missing out on.
  • Why non-performing note inventory will be coming back. This segment will make you ready for it.
  • Did you know that the government is still paying note investors up to $30,000to help people stay in their homes? Better hurry, this will end soon.

He believes that a good investor invests where the money is, a great investor invests where the money is going.

Bonus “Note Transaction A to Z” Video Series ($100 value)


Kevin will be teaching the entire class. Special guests may appear.



Refund if unable to attend


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